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Welcome to treatments of Reflexology, Reiki healing and Homeopathy provided by an experienced and registered practitioner of complementary medicine.

Lizzie Austin MAR

As a qualified practitioner of Homeopathy for many years, I trained more recently in Reflexology and Reiki, and have been amazed at the results.

I have therefore increased my focus on reflexology both of the feet and the face; also using crystals with reflexology; as well as combining Reiki healing with reflexology treatments.

My website will offer information about how these therapies may help you, your family and your friends achieve greater health, wellbeing and relief from stress.

Not sure if Reflexology or Homeopathy can help you?
Call me for honest, professional advice on 07780 542068

People often seek help from reflexology, homeopathy, reiki or other complementary therapies as a form of prevention, as well as for existing conditions previously diagnosed by their medical practitioner. I will always direct patients to their medical practitioner or GP whenever necessary in order to have tests or discuss options.

Contact Lizzie Austin MAR, DSH for professional advice about reflexology, reiki and homeopathy healing in Oxford.

The WellBeing Clinic
1 Windmill Road, Headington
Oxford OX3 7BL
Tel: 07780 542068

I have been fortunate enough to experience Lizzie Austin as a Homeopath, a Reflexologist, and a Reiki practitioner. In all three therapies she has been enormously helpful and effective. She is skilled at getting to the very heart of what a patient needs, and has a calming, loving presence that enhances the chosen mode of therapy. I unreservedly recommend her.

Lesley Hayes