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Crystals with reflexology
Crystals with reflexology

Combining the healing energies of crystals with Reflexology enhances the harmonising effect of the treatment, and brings a very different experience to the recipient.
This specialised reflexology session can help anyone who finds it difficult to let go of tension and stress to re-balance and deeply relax.

Crystals are chosen specifically and are used on areas of the feet to balance the chakras; and a crystal wand or mushroom-shaped crystal may be applied gently on tender reflex points to improve balance, circulation and to stimulate inner healing.

Unique crystals may also be carefully chosen and placed on the person or underneath the couch while treatment is taking place.

Lately I have tried crystal reflexology healing as well. I had three sessions and totally enjoyed it!

After each session my whole body is so relaxed for the rest of the day, and afterwards I feel revived and happy.

For about four years now, I consider myself very lucky to have experienced the healing power of homeopathy, reflexology and reiki as an alternative to conventional medical treatment.

Meeting Lizzie changed my life - she is so calming, considerate and makes me feel very special. Always concerned about any pain or sensitivity I might have felt, gives me feedback every time. And she has such a lovely and warm personality. I can certainly say - She is simply the best!