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For all enquiries please phone 07780 542068.

If you would like to leave a message your call will be returned within 24 hours. Alternatively you can e-mail me on or using the form below.


The WellBeing Clinic, 1 Windmill Road, Headington, OX3 7BL
Phone: 01865 751111

Phone calls are responded to on the same business day. Phone consultations are available for existing patients.

Consultation Fees

Concessions may be given when requested.

Reflexology treatments

1 hour £55

Homeopathy treatments

First consultation
Adults £75
Children £60
Adults £50
Children £35

A cancellation fee may be charged unless 48 hours' notice is given


portrait of Elizabeth Austin
Elizabeth Austin

Society of Homeopaths Logo

Elizabeth Austin has been very helpful in finding a treatment for my long term health problems. I find her to be a very intuitive therapist, who has a deep understanding of Homeopathy.

As somebody, who has seen many therapists, I am certainly very impressed with Elizabeth's practice and have recommended her to my friends and family.